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About the Nelson's

We have proudly operated our farm since 1880.

Our pumpkin patch is located near Emerado, North Dakota. It is owned and operated by Carrie and Todd Nelson and their growing family – Tarah, Jordan, Ruston, Vivianne Yaggie, Holli, Aaron, Chase and Corey Nelson.

Todd farms spring wheat, pinto beans, soybeans, corn, canola & of course pumpkins!

In 1996, we decided to invite our first school group out to visit the pumpkin patch hoping to give kids a taste of farm life during the harvest season.

We are very passionate about our business. We want the Pumpkin Patch to be a place for families to come spend quality time together, making lasting memories. We also want it to be a place for kids and adults to reconnect with our agricultural heritage.

When you think about picking your perfect pumpkin to make that Jack-O-Lantern this fall, we hope you’ll bring your family to meet our family and continue to make memories with your trip to Nelson’s Pumpkin Patch! We look forward to seeing you at the patch!