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Nelson's Pumpkin Shack

Visit Nelson's Pumpkin Shack for fall treats and goodies!


Concession items available every day:
Chips, Slim Jims, Cotton Candy, Snickers, Pop, Water, Red Bull, Cappuccino, Hot Cocoa, Plastic Treat Cups, Popcorn, Coffee.


Concession items only available on the weekends:
Pork Chops on a Stick, Taco in a Bag, Nachos, Loaded Nachos, Hotdogs, Sloppy Joes, Ice Cream, Root Beer Floats, & Mini Doughnuts.

Spookley the Square Pumpkin

We are very excited to announce that Nelson’s Pumpkin Patch will continue to be the exclusive eastern North Dakota site to host the nationally recognized  “Spookley the Square Pumpkin” program.

With October being National Bullying Prevention Month, Spookley is the Official   Spokes-Pumpkin, to help raise awareness for bullying prevention. Spookley will be featured during both September and October at Nelson’s Pumpkin Patch to help our littlest visitors understand the importance of being tolerant and kind.

We are sure you will LOVE this addition to our Fall Field Trips which have always been much more than just “a trip to the pumpkin patch.”

Spookley Storybook Trail

As you travel along “The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin” Storybook trail, follow the instructions at each of the eight, orange, square stations and YOU can become a champion against bullying!

Go to Spookley’s official site and register for free lesson sheets and activities.

Corn Maze

Find your way through our 10 Acre Corn Maze! Check out this years design!

Hay Ride

Hop on our Tractor Hay Ride and investigate our giant hay bail characters decorated for kids!

Haunted House

Ready for some Thrills and Chills?! Brave the Gruesome Granary Haunted House!

Bee Train

Come on out and see what the "Buzz" is all about! Take a ride on our new bee train through the patch.

Pumpkin Plunge

Slide into fall fun with our Pumpkin Plunge Slide! Come Sit, Slide, and Pumpkin ride!

Little Farmer Trike Track

Gear up for some pedal-powered fun on our Little Farmer Trike Track made just for kids!

Pumpkin Blaster

Get ready to take a turn at the Pumpkin Blaster! Where you can squash, splat, and blast pumpkins like never before!

Corn Cannon

Launch Corn like a pro with our incredible Corn Cannon! Take Aim, Fire, and watch those kernels soar!

Pumpkin Bouncy House

Jump, bounce, & giggle in our inflatable Pumpkin Bouncy House! Let the pumpkin themed fun bounce you into a world of laughter!

Barnyard Buddies

Come say Hi to our Barnyard Buddies! Where furry friends and fun meet in our petting zoo!

Yard Games

Featuring Zorbz, Nothin but Net, Duck Race, Pumpkin Bowling, Gourd Tik-Tac-Toe, and a Corn Kernel Silo.

Mini Maze

Our pig-tastic race with our Three Little Racing Pigs mini maze will have you squealing with excitement!

Sunflower Smooches

Go plant yourself in our Sunflower Wonderland! Let Sunflower Smooches shower you with golden kisses!

Grain Bin Bar

Come get your grain on and enjoy a drink at our Grain Bin Bar! Where good grains meet great times!


Come Pick-A-Pumpkin at Nelson's Pumpkin Patch! Pick a pumpkin and harvest memories today!

Photo Stations

Before you leave Nelson's Pumpkin Patch, make sure to stop by our photo booth's around to capture your memories and smiles!